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So, Tear loving Luke is "canon," but what about his feelings for her? What exactly happened at the end of the game? Though there is no real proof that Luke's (as opposed to Asch) consciousness was the one who came up to the group after the credits, I would argue it was his. I believe Luke and Asch probably came together as one person, but it would seem he at least has Luke's memories. He comments that he made a promise to return when Tear asks why he is there and I strongly feel it is reference to the promise he made her right before leaving them. Just by watching the ending scene I just have a feeling that Tear knew it was Luke, even when seeing him from a distance. I think the two of them share a very powerful bond that would let her know he was Luke, even if his appearance looked different. Obviously this is just my opinion. But hey, I'm clearly a Luke and Tear fan, so what else would I hope for?

At the very least I will say that Tear is definitely important to Luke. They were together for almost the entire game and she taught and showed him so much more than he learned in his entire life trapped in the manor. She stayed by him when others did not and even against her better judgment. Luke arguably wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything he did without her support. I am pretty positive he would even agree with that statement because he thanks her for everything at the end of the game. The two of them depend on each other and derive support from one another. They definitely have a bond and everyone in the party knows it is there. If nothing more, Luke and Tear are very, very good friends.

I would argue they are more than just good friends, though. Tear loves him and I really think he loves her too. Luke trusted her most with the issues that were on his mind and it is very obvious how much he cares about her feelings and well-being after he decides to change himself. He is happy simply being near her, as he tells her the night before the final battle. I'm sure he feels comfortable knowing she will stay with him and continue to watch over him no matter what happens. Why else would he ask her to continue watching him despite how embarrassing and risky it was for him at the time? He trusts her to do it and realized how much he appreciated and liked her being there. Further, Luke has no intention of leaving Tear, either, as he displays in the doctor's office and when he assures her he will protect her in Yulia's tomb. He may not be very good at showing it, but I really believe Tear is the most important person to him.

Additionally, Tear is able to throw Luke off guard and he displays a softer side for her occasionally, even before deciding he wanted to be a better person. That was something Natalia could never do in the years they spent together. Natalia never really embarrassed him. Tear or things related to her have made him blush on numerous occasions. He gets "mad" when people make comments or tease him about their relationship because he is embarrassed (sorry Luke, but that's pretty tsundere of you...meaning you know it's true). Luke has good chemistry with Tear. They can fight without seriously being angry at each other. Jade does call their arguments "lovers quarrels," after all. They say that love that grows over time is the strongest kind and Luke and Tear have been through a lot together over an extended period of time. Now, if only they would get the courage to do something about it!

Why Luke and Tear?

I've played a number of Tales games. However, none of the main relationship pairs have really appealed to me as much as Luke and Tear do. I've certainly thought some of the other pairings were cute...but I don't think their stories were done as well as Luke and Tear's was. I absolutely adore the evolution of their relationship and how much the two of them grow just by being with each other. Their relationship was realistic, not forced and just plain made sense to me. Of course any scene between them eventually made me "squee" with delight and I found myself throwing my hands up when either of them were about to admit their feelings but were ultimately too stubborn to do so. I went into playing Tales of the Abyss not expecting to care for either of them or their relationship and came out with loving both of their characters and the strong bond they form.

I made Selenia a number of years ago when I was approved for their fanlisting. Unfortunately, I went through a period of time where web design was stressing me out and deleted a bunch of my websites. Selenia was one of the projects that was deleted and was offline for 4-5 years. Luckily I had the foresight to save the content before deleting it because I found myself wishing I hadn't. One day I decided enough was enough, made a new layout and re-uploaded what I had. I edited and re-wrote the content and now I am happy to say this site is online for good. It's been a while since I've played Tales of the Abyss, but I doubt any pairing will surpass the amount of feelings I get from Luke and Tear's relationship.

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