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Boy Meets Girl

To put it lightly, Luke and Tear don't exactly start off on the right foot. Tear is careless when attacking her brother, Van, and accidentally causes a hyperresonance with Luke. The two are swept far away from Luke's manor in Baticul to Tataroo Valley. To say Luke is displeased is a complete understatement. But, who can blame him? He's never been outside the manor before in his life and he is now in a foreign place with a strange girl who just tried to kill his favorite person! Despite Luke's lacking manners, Tear informs him she will ensure he returns home safely. The two battle their way through the valley while Tear attempts to help improve his fighting. At first, Tear is curious about Luke with regard to his journal writing and practicing swordsmanship. He continues to be rude in response and she stops asking him questions. Eventually they find a coach who they believe will take them back to Baticul, but they do not have enough money to ride. Luke whines and Tear sadly hands over a pendant she had with her in order to pay. Luke pays her actions no heed and is thrilled he doesn't have to get his shoes dirty by walking back!

Much to their displeasure, the coach's destination is not Kimlasca's capital, but rather Malkuth's. To make matters worse, they are eventually captured by Jade Curtiss and Anise Tatlin and are basically forced into helping them prevent a war between the countries. Tear and Luke continue to argue. Jade amuses himself by referring to them as "lovers quarrels," to which Luke ignores and Tear insists they do not have that sort of relationship. When Jade makes a comment to Luke about having a "lovely lady on each arm," Tear begins to stumble on her words until Luke rudely tells her that Jade was talking about Anise and Mieu, not her. I can only imagine Tear kicking herself for even considering the possibility.

Luke's attitude and behavior towards Tear does not improve much as their journey continues. He still makes nasty and discourteous comments to her, even when she isn't doing anything to him. Luke even refers to Tear's chest as "big melons" without a second thought of what impact his words have on her feelings and how vulgar he was being. Tear, of course, hardly finds his personality attractive. Even so, it appears that she begins to warm up to him little by little. After talking with Luke on the boat to Chesedonia about his memory loss, Tear gets embarrassed and apologizes for not taking his memory loss seriously. Luke is thrown off guard by her sudden sincere apology and simply tells her not to worry about it. Tear is clearly ashamed of herself because she apologizes again before running off. Not long after, Anise notes how Tear has suddenly become a lot nicer to Luke and explains things to him without making a condescending remark like she had in the past. Though he slight change in attitude towards Luke results in less pointless fights, Luke's opinion of her does not seem to change much. For example, when Natalia accuses Luke of cheating on her with a "servant girl," Luke insists he would "never touch a chick as cold as that." Tear seems to be disappointed and clearly feels inferior in comparison to Natalia's beauty. However, Luke does tell Tear not to worry about making his mother ill because she wasn't healthy to begin with when he knew how badly she felt. I would argue this small gesture is an indication that Luke is beginning to care about Tear a little. He certainly wouldn't have realized or acknowledged her feelings before this, at least!

In my opinion, while the two don't really hate each other, their relationship boils down to Luke's lack of trust in her and Tear's displeasure of his attitude. They are becoming a little more sensitive to each other's feelings and circumstances as time passes...but I certainly wouldn't refer to them as being "friends" or "comrades." Luke highly distrusts Tear because the only person he truly cares about this point is Van, and Tear will not reveal her reasoning for trying to kill her brother. On the other hand, Tear simply views Luke as her responsibility for something careless she did. She only wants to fulfill her promise by staying with him until he returns home. Tear even comments to Anise that she isn't with Luke because she wants to be. Surprisingly, even Luke seems to be hurt by her words as he doesn't respond and only thinks, "ouch..." Again, Luke seems to slowly be taking Tear's thoughts and opinions more to heart, as he certainly wouldn't have cared what she thought in the beginning. One last noteworthy event from the "beginning" of their relationship is when Tear gets wounded by protecting Luke from a soldier. He seems to have a hard time comprehending why she saved him but doesn't accept protecting civilians is her job as an answer to that question. Luke retorts that he thinks she just tries to act tough but isn't really. Tear denies his words, but I think she knows he is right. Luke is beginning to show his ability to see through her masquerade--he just doesn't know it yet.

Ultimately, Tear thinks Luke is immature and selfish and he thinks she is bossy and cold. Lovely start, wouldn't you say?

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