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Returning Home

After Luke sacrifices himself, the party walks away from the ruins sadly. Tear stops twice to look back in his direction after they are some distance off until Guy calls to her to hurry up. Later in the evening, Tear is sitting on a rock while singing the Grand Fonic Hymn. She is obviously thinking about Luke as she looks over the field toward the ruins. The rest of the party gather behind her and Natalia questions why she didn't attend the service for Luke. Tear apathetically informs her she had no interest in standing around a grave for Luke. I don't think Tear could believe Luke was actually gone. He promised her he would come back and she now believed in his word. If he promised, he'd be back. After some conversation, the party decides they should leave and come back in the morning because of the danger monsters posed at night. Tear reluctantly slides off the rock she was sitting on. She promised Luke she would be waiting for him forever... So where was he?

As everyone turns to leave, Tear looks back one more time and sees a figure approaching them in the distance. Her eyes widen as she realizes it is Luke. He looked different, but she knew it was him. It had to be him. Tear slowly makes her way towards him. She doesn't take her eyes off of him, as if he would disappear if she looked away. Once they are within earshot of each other, Tear asks why he is there. Smiling, he comments on how nice the view is and that he also promised someone he would come back. A tear rolls down her cheek; she is unable to hold back her emotions after hearing his words. Tear smiles and hurries towards him as he looks up to the brilliant moon.

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