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Welcome to Sharpshooter, a small tribute dedicated to Mandan no Regret (who I will be referring to by Legretta the Quick, her English name, on this site) from the Tales of the Abyss series. A few years ago this site had separate pages. After closing the site initially, I decided that it would be more fitting to turn it into a one-page site due to the small amount of content. Still, I hope to provide you with a window to Legretta's character. Though she is not one of the main party members, she still holds an important role being one of the main antagonists. Feel free to simply scroll down to view the content, or use the quick jump to the left to skip to a certain section.

Order of Lorelei

Many years before the story of Tales of the Abyss, Yulia was a fonist skilled in prophecy and could see thousands of years into the future. Her foretelling of the future became known as the "Score." Because the Score ultimately predicted "unprecedented prosperity," the people of Auldrant tried very hard to make sure they followed it exactly. In present game time almost everyone is dependent on the Score. The worst cases even turn to it to see what daily choices they should make. There are also birthday scores, which it is implied most people get every year. A Score of death, however, must never be read because it is against the rules.

The Order of Lorelei is based on the Score and Yulia's teachings. Because it is in charge of reading the Score, it is a highly respected and large organization. The Order of Lorelei also has the responsibility of being a peace keeper between the Malkuth and Kimlascan empires. Theoretically, the Order is supposed to weaken the tension and prevent a war from breaking out. Unfortunately, parts of the Score that are on Fonstones are not common knowledge and there is much tragedy written. Therefore, not everyone wishes for peace between the two countries. Fon Master Ion is the head and symbol of the Order of Lorelei, who believes in the ideals the Order stands for.

There are many divisions of the Order of Lorelei, but the division that Legretta is a part of is called the "Oracle Knights." She is one of six from a special division called the "God-Generals." They all function under the order of Commandant Van Grants.

The God-Generals

As mentioned above, the God-Generals are a small division of the Oracle Knights. They are basically a personal group of soldiers that are (supposedly) only loyal to Van Grants. Because they are members of the Order of Lorelei, they are believed to be helping maintain peace between Malkuth and Kimlasca. Later on, however, we are informed that Van has other plans in mind.

As Tales of the Abyss progresses, it becomes more obvious to the Order that the God-Generals are not working with peacekeeping in mind. In fact, the God-Generals do not believe in the ideals of the Order of Lorelei at all! The world would be better without the Score. Or so they believe anyway.

Van, who probably hates the Score more than anyone, devises a plan to create a new world that is free from the Score. His true name is Vandesdelca Musto Fende, and he was a servant to the Fende family. When Hod, his home place, was destroyed, he fell into the Qliphoth with his mother. She was pregnant with his sister, Mystearica, and ended up passing away after she was born. Van hated living under the earth's surface in Yulia City. Once he became aware that Hod's destruction was written in the Score and kept secret, his hatred only became worse. He detested the Score that predicted his town's demise and desperately wanted to be free from it.

Van eventually realized that replicas were not accounted for in the Score. As a result, he began to put his efforts into creating a world of replicas. That would mean destroying all of the originals, of course. But Van believed it was a sacrifice worth making. He gathered a group of soldiers one by one, each of which hating the Score because of the tragedies in their own lives. While the God-Generals are at their peak, the members consist of Asch the Bloody, Legretta the Quick, Sync the Tempest, Arietta the Wild, Largo the Black Lion and Dist the Reaper. All of them, with the exception of Asch, follow Van's dream for a replica world until their death.

Though the God-Generals are the party's main antagonists, they aren't evil. They are idealists. Like the party, they are simply fighting for how they believe a world free from the Score should be.


Legretta is one of the main antagonists of the game and therefore appears frequently. She is not always ready to fight, however, as she does speak with Tear or show up to remind other God-Generals their place. This section was made to help you know where she appears, as well as showcasing her story and interactions with others.


After Luke accidentally kills an Oracle soldier, Asch appears and attacks him. Luckily for Luke, Legretta shows up shortly afterwards to calm Asch's anger and remind him that they were not given any orders to kill Luke. Once the party escapes their cell below deck, they try to get off the Tartarus to save Ion. Legretta prevents them from leaving and attempts to regain control of the situation with firearms. Unfortunately for her, Guy shows up and takes Ion back, which turns the tables out of her favor. Legretta then surrenders at Jade's command and returns to the Tartarus with Arietta.

It is here that the player becomes aware that there is some sort of relationship between Legretta and Tear. They both show hesitation and surprise to see each other as enemies on the battlefield, so they must have at least some kind of bond. We can also guess that Legretta has some sort of authority because she is able to make Asch stand down. If not a higher rank, she is obviously very loyal to whoever is giving them orders.


When you try to leave St. Binah, you will discover Legretta, as well as a few other God-Generals at the entrance. They are still after Ion. Legretta informs the others that there is a good chance that the party will stop at St. Binah because it is the closest town to where the Tartarus stopped. She seems to be the logical one of the group (or at least the least influenced by emotions). After checking the status of the town with Sync, she decides to return to the Tartarus once more to investigate.


Right when the party thinks they are out of Deo Pass, Legretta appears and orders for them to stop. She asks Tear why she is traveling with Luke and the others, only to be questioned as to why she was trying to kidnap Ion. Legretta gives a brief and hazy speech saying that the world needs to be free from the Score that everyone is being controlled by. She claims the world is out of order and someone needs to change it. Legretta wants Tear to come back with her to Van, but is rejected. Running short on patience, she prepares to attack the party. Thusly, you are thrown into the first battle with Legretta after being worn down from Deo Pass. Once she loses, she calls Luke a "failure," enrages Jade, and leaves.


The party stumbles in on Van and Legretta inside Belkend's Laboratory. Legretta, obviously not wanting Van to be bothered, goes to remove them at once. Van simply tells her it is fine and she remains silent. After a long discussion between Van and Tear, Legretta demands everyone to leave his presence saying that the conversation is over.

Well, here we can see who Legretta is working so hard to please. She's obviously his right hand. Honestly, she acts like he'll get angry or annoyed easily and wants to take care of any problems before they arise (thus wanting to kick the party out immediately). You can assume that she has some sort of strong feelings for him, but what kind of feeling is still unknown.


The party runs into Legretta once again while trying to leave Sheridan. She refuses to let them leave, and has the whole port system blocked off by Oracle Knights. Legretta is also aware that the party will not fight back because of the innocent people standing around. Unfortunately for her, she did not think that the old civilians were going to retaliate in order for the party to escape. She is obviously irritated by her miscalculation, but she hasn't given up yet.

The group escapes to Port Sheridan where they are once again surrounded by the Oracle Knights, Legretta, and now Van. He is not happy with Legretta's failure. She apologizes, offering to take care of the situation for sure so he doesn't have to be bothered. The group is able to board the Tartarus unharmed by Van at the cost of a few of their friends' lives. Legretta reports that Sync has boarded the Tartarus with them, and Van decides that the operation was not a total failure. Legretta then leaves at his command.

I was surprised to see Legretta show a tiny bit of anxiety when Van appeared at the scene to see her failure. Normally she is very composed and confident. I suppose he is the last person she would want to be a failure to. All she seems to want to do is please him.


Legretta shows up, and Tear attempts to attack her with a knife. She misses. Legretta tells Tear that Van is worried about her. Tear still refuses to come back, but Legretta presses on by asking Tear about her body being poisoned by the miasma. She talks more about how everyone is tied to the Score and how it is always correct no matter what. Seeing that Tear has no intention of returning with her, Legretta leaves without a fight.

At this point, it does seem like Legretta is desperate to have Tear come back. Not only for Van's sake, but I think you can conclude that she has some sort of connection to her as well. If you have done any of Luke's hyperresonance training side quest yet, you will see that Legretta privately instructed Tear to be a soldier in the past. Tear may be the sister of the man she is completely loyal to, but I also believe that Legretta is fond of Tear on her own as well.


The group enters the cave in hopes of finding Tear, but a guard stops them. Legretta then commands him to let the group through, much to their surprise. She just replies that she respects what Van says to do and demands them to hurry and find Tear. Legretta then tells them they will settle things later, as she is overlooking them at the present moment.


The party meets up with Legretta, Arietta and Largo in one section of the mountain. Legretta pleads with Tear to stop sacrificing herself for nothing, but Tear cannot go along with Van's ideals. Legretta becomes annoyed and tells her that she will no longer show Tear any mercy as she is now Van's enemy. The group then must fight the three God-Generals. The ruckus ultimately causes an avalanche and everyone falls. The party speculates whether the God-Generals are still alive once they come to. Tear insists that they are fine because Legretta is not someone willing to die easily.

Here it seems that Legretta has finally made a decision. She may care for Tear, but her loyalty to Van overrides anything else. She is done playing games. Anyone who opposes Van's ideals is an enemy. Tear is now an enemy to her.


The group stumbles upon Legretta demanding Asch to hand over the Key of Lorelei. Tear throws another one of her knives, but Legretta simply comments about how slow she is yet again. Tear seems surprised that Legretta is still alive, despite what she said earlier at the mountain. Legretta explains that Arietta's animals saved them, but because of her injuries, she could not protect Van (the party thinks Van is dead at this point). Legretta leaves after telling Asch that next time he will indeed hand the key over.


After visiting Ion, Legretta and Arietta stop the group from proceeding. Legretta does not want the group to go on, but Arietta seems unsure. She does not want anything bad to happen to Ion. She tells Luke that Anise has taken Ion to another location, and Legretta demands to know if Arietta is betraying her. Arietta then calls Legretta the traitor because she claims that Van said he'd never kill Ion. Much to Legretta's dismay, the group is able to escape to chase after Ion.


Legretta, Dist, Largo and Sync are with Mohs, who cannot control his body very easily with the Seventh Fonon injected into him. Legretta seems a bit concerned. She wonders if Van will be able to have an even larger portion of the Seventh Fonon within him to control Lorelei, but Sync reassures her that Van will not end up likes Mohs. Legretta then says it is time for them to leave.


Legretta is with Van and Mohs outside of the Absorption Gate. Mohs is commanding a replica of Ion to read a fragment of the Seventh Fon Stone. Luke and the others arrive, and Lorelei begins to struggle inside Van's body. Legretta immediately becomes concerned and insists that they return to Eldrant for his body's sake.


Legretta stops the group for one last time and demands Luke to hand over the Key of Lorelei. Luke refuses, and Legretta says she will not let them get in Van's way. Tear questions Legretta's opinion on getting rid of the planet's memories and asks her if she has any attachment to the original world. She simply responds that everyone attaches themselves to something. However, Van was the one who saved her. Because of that, she will do anything for him. Legretta regrets having to be the one to kill Tear, and the party takes her on.

Once Legretta is defeated, she points her gun at Tear, telling her she was wrong about not having a will of her own. She says her will was to protect Van and his ideals because she loved him. She did not put her life on the line for nothing. Legretta then falls to the floor, truly remaining loyal to Van until the very end.


Legretta wears this outfit for about the first half of the game. Her hair is tied back with a horseshoe shaped accessory. Her outfit is mainly black with white accents minus the red cloth she has around her arms that is tied in the back. The black outer layer covers from her chest down to her stomach area, splits to go to her sides and hang down past her knees. It would seem that her skirt may be a dress that is connected to her white collar underneath the black, but I cannot say for certain. Her black boots are tightly bound to her leg and seem to go up underneath her skirt, making them appear more like pants. A yellow tuning fork design is also at the top of her boots. You will notice that tuning forks are found in various dungeons in the game, so I found that pretty interesting. She is also wearing gloves that are cut where her fingers are.

After the group thinks Legretta is dead, she returns with a new outfit. This one is still quite similar to her first one though, as it has the same general principle. Her hair is still tied back in the same fashion, but she no longer has the large black horseshoe shaped accessory. Her color scheme has changed from black and white to gray, brown and yellow. She still has the high collar around her neck, but her outfit looks less complex layer wise. Her arms are completely covered this time, and instead of the red cloth, Legretta has a white one that gives her the effect of having wings. She also once again has gloves cut where her fingers are. The outfit still hangs down past her knees and splits into two sections under a thick belt and around her black skirt. Her left leg has a stocking, while her right does not, though both feet have the same boots.

Generally, Legretta has the same type of outfit, reflecting her personal style. She dresses very elegantly, but still manages to keep the general of an army image at the same time. Legretta's outfits look light and easy to move in. Having her hair up and generally out of her face adds to her "tough" appearance, as well as just being practical for someone in battle. All in all, I think that her outfits work well because they appear sleek, easy to move in, and just look good with her weapon of choice.


Legretta is not one of the main party members, and therefore doesn't have a deep, well-thought out past that can be used as a window to her personality. She also is not around for very long at all when she does appear. It may be hard to get an extremely solid view of her personality, but there are a few traits that stand out to me when I think of her character.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Legretta is an extremely loyal person once she decides to give it to someone. Her loyalty to Van drives her motivation for almost everything that she does. Throughout the game I sometimes thought that it seemed like she blindly followed him. If he told her to jump off a bridge, she would probably do so. However, when she explains to Tear right before her death that she did, in fact, have her own will, my opinion changed a little. Legretta would do anything for Van. But that doesn't mean that it would be blindly. While she is loyal, I also believe she is intelligent and has a good head on her shoulders. She can make her own decisions. It seemed she had to struggle a little before considering Tear an enemy. If she blindly followed Van, she would have wiped Tear out immediately as a disruption to his plans. Technically Van could have told her if Tear did not accept once more, that he would have no more of trying to get her to join them. Even so, I still believe she made her own decision at that time. Van's wishes are important, but Legretta seems to carry herself with those wishes as guidelines.

Legretta has an extremely strong will as a result of her loyalty. She will not back down under any circumstance, and is willing to take on extra work or punishment for failing to achieve what she needs to do. Her undying passion and will overtake any other emotion within her, adding to her strength as a soldier. Even while dying, Legretta does not falter from her will. She knows that she has died to aid Van create a new world free from the Score, and that is enough. Though she knows she cannot live to see the new world, Van's goal being achieved in the end is what is important to her. She was willing to sacrifice herself in order to protect his ideals.

Ultimately, Legretta is just incredibly loyal to the man she loves, even if it means being extreme. Though we are never really shown any of her personal thoughts, I don't think her opinions wavered for a second from the time she decided to join Van to where she gave her life for him and his ideals.

Strengths of a Soldier

Besides for her devotion to him, Van probably had Legretta at his side because of her intelligence. She doesn't let emotion get in the way of her decisions, and seems to be quite the strategist on top of that. She seems to be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Even in stressful situations such as when the party first meets her on the Tartarus, she displays the ability to think on her feet. She is calm and rational and willing to do what needs to be done. She certainly is not afraid of killing a person, though I wouldn't say she enjoys doing it. Legretta carries a general apathy towards almost everything. I would assume it is because, like soldiers must, she has closed off her heart in order to deal with everything that could happen on the battlefield. She has probably been a soldier for a number of years, so it may be natural for her now, but I'm sure it was hard to do initially. Taking a life a way is emotionally and mentally draining for a well-adjusted person.

Legretta has also demonstrated strong leadership skills. She has no problem commanding lower Oracle soldiers, as well as her fellow God-Generals. She carries an air that demands respect. I honestly believe she gets it. Some of that may have to do with the fact she is Van's right hand, but I think that people just come to respect her. She is confident, intelligent, strong and efficient. Why wouldn't any fellow soldier respect her?

Poker Face

Her strengths as a soldier seem to stem from her uncanny ability to contain her emotions and hold a poker face. Up until the very end, you really don't see many emotions on Legretta's face. You may sense what she could be feeling, but she certainly doesn't show it. When she fails to carry out orders for Van, you know she is probably kicking herself inside because she wants nothing more than to please him, but you don't really see it. Even though it would seem that Van does not return, nor have any interest her feelings, you would not be able to tell if it bothered her (though I don't think it does, since she seems like the kind of person that is happy just being by his side).

Naturally, none of this means that she doesn't have feelings. I don't believe that she has completely shut off her heart. Her feelings of admiration and love for Van drive all of her actions. She also showed concern for Arietta in the very beginning of the game on the Tartarus when Jade held her at the point of his spear. Her concern for both Tear and Van's well-being in terms of the miasma, and eventually Van being able to control Lorelei inside his body also demonstrate that she has worries and fears like everyone else. Legretta is simply better than most people at holding everything in. Her job demands that she does so.

Power of the Situation

Ultimately, any other feelings that are not as strong and therefore do not show through would be hard to judge. She lives in a situation in which she is not allowed to show emotion. If she were just a normal woman living in a town, maybe she would be a little different. I do think, however, that the way she carries herself (maturity, tone, air) would probably be the same. Training to be a soldier could have increased things such as confidence, but I think she probably had some to begin with and just excelled after her training. I'm sure she would have been just as intelligent. The lens that we can see her character through may not be perfectly clear, but I think it makes it all the more interesting to speculate about her character.

Van Grants

Van sent Legretta's brother into a battle where it was certain he would die. Once she became aware of this fact, she went after him with revenge in her mind. Legretta, however, found that she was unable to defeat him. Instead of killing her, Van let her stay under his wing. He told her that she could kill him whenever she found an opening to do so. As time passed, her desire for revenge and feelings of hatred dissolved. She admired him. Legretta was impressed with his ideals and plans and ultimately decided to join him in his quest to make a reformed world. Therefore, Legretta became one of the God-Generals.

Legretta does indeed agree with Van's ideals herself, but a lot of what she does is also for Van's sake. It is obvious that she works hard to please him and will do whatever he asks of her. While being trained by Legretta, Tear even says herself she couldn't imagine anyone else at her brother's side. Legretta is obviously very pleased to hear that and takes it like a compliment. She is very devoted and extremely loyal to Van, willing to do anything and everything for him. Her feelings evolved from hatred to love. As she is dying, Legretta tells Tear that she loved Van and his ideals and was prepared to die for him at any time. Van is the only one that brings out emotion in her. Of course she was concerned about Tear during her attempts to bring her to their side, but only when Van had difficulty controlling Lorelei at the Absorption Gate did we really see any blatant concern from her. Instead of taking orders from Van, she insisted that they return to Eldrant for his body's sake. She was very worried about his condition. Even when she was discussing what happened to Mohs with Largo and Sync, Legretta wonders if the same thing might happen to Van once he absorbs a great amount of the Seventh Fonon. Her concern for him is obviously great, and one of the few emotions you can tell is there.

Though Van's feelings for Legretta are never really stated, I believe he never felt the same way for her. There is no doubt he respected her and her abilities. She seemed to be his most trusted companion, but I'm not sure he really cared about her or what happened to her. Quite frankly, I don't think he even knew that she loved him because I doubt she told him. Van was completely consumed with his own hatred and ideals for changing the world. The little room for other emotions that he had went to his sister, Tear. Van didn't have the time or the desire to have a deep emotional relationship with anyone. Legretta probably realized this and was just happy being able to be at his side. She most likely saw that Van did not love her and never would. His happiness and his goals were the most important things to her. And if what he wanted more than anything else was a new, reformed world, you can bet she would do her best in order to help him get it.

Tear Grants

When Legretta fails to defeat Van, he assigns her to be a private instructor for his younger sister, Tear. Tear, however, who cares more about being closer to her brother than actually becoming an Oracle Knight, refuses her first lesson. She wanted to go to the Outer Lands and train at the military academy, not receive special treatment in order to remain in Yulia City. Legretta ended up waiting for her the entire day without moving. Tear was impressed and a little curious about her after that and accepted having lessons from her. The two form a mutual bond during their time together and Tear comes to really respect her. Tear wanted to be strong and kind like her. I wouldn't doubt that Tear tried to model herself after Legretta, as you can draw parallels between their personalities and how they compose themselves.

Though Tear highly respects Legretta, she knows just how devoted she is to her brother. So, despite many attempts by Legretta to get Tear to join her, she refuses because she just does not trust her brother. Van ultimately splits their bond because their ideals for a new world are too different. Tear refuses to accept Van's logic, but Legretta embraces it and works to achieve it. Ultimately, the two women become enemies. Even though they do not wish to fight each other, the circumstances leave them with little choice.

Tear accuses Legretta of being a hypocrite before their final battle. She preaches of free will, but seems to have none of her own because all she does is follow Van's orders. I believe that Legretta did not want to lose the respect that Tear had for her. That is why she used her last words to explain to Tear how her accusations were wrong. She truly believed in Van's ideals; she was not mindless. Honestly, even though Tear says she lost her respect for Legretta, I think that she was still effected by her death. Tear shows no signs of emotion because she would be a poor soldier otherwise. Crying would make her death mean nothing. Because she does not want to make Legretta's death meaningless, it would seem that Tear still respects and cares about her after all.

Likewise, Legretta wants Tear's well-being and cares about her as well. She delays fighting Tear until it can no longer be done. Even after fighting her for the first time, she doesn't fight back when attacked in times to follow. She wants Tear to return to her and Van, especially when she finds out that Tear's body is poisoned by the miasma. Legretta is concerned that Tear will kill herself if she continues to go on while being poisoned. Though Legretta questions Tear's sacrifice to stop Van's plan, in a way I think she can identify with her. Legretta also makes personal sacrifices for what she believes in. Unfortunately, Legretta's patience only runs so long, and she is forced to give in and fight Tear to the death. Anyone who stood in the way of Van became an enemy of hers. Even if it was someone she did not wish to kill.

Ultimately, though I doubt that Legretta regrets her decision to follow Van and therefore make Tear an enemy, she does apologize in a letter she writes to her. As long as you complete all the flashback sub-events that occur when Tear trains Luke, you will find a letter on Van's grave after visiting Eldrant for the first time. Contained in the letter is the course of events that led Legretta to be with Van. Legretta, however, signs the letter as "Giselle Oslo." She tells Tear her true name, which causes Tear to finally break down. All of her emotions and thoughts about her final battle with Legretta come to a head and are released after reading the letter. Legretta entrusted Tear with her name and that meant a lot to her.

Move List

Though Legretta is not a playable character, you do have to fight her a few times. She has no elemental knowing her move set would be valuable knowledge in order to defeat her. If you are a strategist, anyway. I know I certainly am!


→ Searing Sorrow - Fire
→ Flamme Rouge - Fire
→ Inlay Nocturne - Earth
→ Blessed Drops - Water
→ Eclair d'Larmes - Light
→ Holy Lance - Light


→ Prism Ballet

In general, Legretta also uses her guns that do very minimal damage if they end up hitting a character. Though they do not do much damage, they are quick and will stop your characters from casting. All of her artes involve needing casting time. Be warned, however. Even if you do stop her from casting, she can still use the arte shortly afterwards.


Some of you may be having difficulty defeating Legretta. Therefore, I put together some things that worked for me in the past. The only difference between easy and hard mode when fighting Legretta is you have to have a lot more endurance. Legretta's main strength is having a ton of HP, so when your attacks do less, it means longer battles.


Okay, so the only thing that makes this battle relatively difficult is the fact that unless you found the monsters very easy and or were able to make your way through quickly, your party is probably tired and worn out. Luckily there is a save point beforehand. It is not a healing one. If you are low on items, I would suggest the trip back to get some more. Even on easy mode, Legretta will be a long endurance battle if you are not over-leveled , so you need to at least have Orange Gels on hand. Otherwise, I would suggest having Tear, Luke, Jade and Anise or Guy in the party with you. You need a few fighters because Legretta will not give you time to cast. With Luke and Anise/Guy up in her face, it will make it harder for her to distract Tear and Jade from casting. Other than that, if you are one of the strict fighters, Legretta's attacks are very easy to avoid because you are not casting. You will be fine as long as you get out of the way whenever she is facing you. Unfortunately the computer is not as smart, so if you make the computer the two fighters, you may have a harder time because they will not move out of the way. Legretta has a lot of HP. Be sure to hack and slash her as many times as you can without giving her the opportunity to fight back.


Well, this is a little more challenging because you now have Largo and Arietta to deal with. The main reason it is challenging? Arietta is a pain to fight, and Largo being there does not help either. I'd suggest the same party of Tear/Natalia, Luke, Jade and Anise/Guy, and do whatever you can to take out Arietta first. She may be small, but she is obnoxious as ever to have attacking you when you're trying to fight someone else. Once she is out, if Largo is still up and fighting, get rid of him next. Legretta is easy to dodge because her bullets do not have a large range, and her artes take time to cast, so just save her for last. Again, although it is easy to dodge her attacks, she still has a ton of HP, so you will be in for another long haul.


I personally did not find this battle very hard. I fought it on both easy and hard modes. This is the final battle with Legretta, so she will be stronger than the previous two. Yes, that means more HP again. You get the drill with having a healer, Jade, and two fighters as my suggested party, as well as being one of the fighters yourself. The only major thing that is different in this battle is Legretta has gained some more artes and can cast them rather quickly, even if you interrupt her. Regardless, she is still as easy to dodge as before, so just use whatever tactics worked for you in the previous two battles. Keep in mind that you have to battle Asch almost immediately after you defeat Legretta. Therefore, you do not want your item stock to go too low while fighting her.

Generally, all you really need to keep in mind is that she has a ton of HP, so you'll need to be prepared for a relatively longer battle in comparison to others. She is not hard as long as you know how to evade and then attack like mad effectively. Legretta has no elemental weaknesses, so you cannot rely on FOF changes and elemental artes like you can when fighting Dist's machinery. Also keep in mind that even if you interrupt her while she is casting, she can still use the arte she was trying to before shortly after. Otherwise, as long as you have a healer and a couple of fighters to distract her from the healer and Jade, you should be guaranteed a victory.

Ending Remarks

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