Cheria 101

A childhood friend of Asbel and Hubert, Cheria is a genuinely nice and kind-hearted young woman. At 18 years of age, she is already mature beyond her years. She often takes care of the other party members much like a mother would her children (insisting on baths, doing the cooking, keeping them out of trouble, etcetera). Cheria's heart is also completely set on coming to the aid of others, especially those close to her. You won't find many women who will rush to the aid of the person who kidnapped her in order to heal their injury anywhere else in Lhant!

Though Cheria was always a kind girl, she could not help people in need. She had very poor health when she was a child. Suffering from a bad illness, Cheria would easily become exhausted and go into coughing fits if she did too much physical activity. But, being a child who wanted to keep up with her friends, Cheria often pushed herself by adventuring out with Asbel & Hubert, running, or raising her voice. As a result of an incident that occurs at the end of the childhood arc of the game, Cheria's illness is cured. Not only that, but she has the power to heal people as well. When Asbel and Cheria meet up again after the years apart, he finds that recently she has been spending her time aiding in battle by healing wounded soldiers.

♥ Cheria is 18 years old, 160 cm in height and weighs 47 kg.

♥ Cheria's parents passed away when she was young, so she has been raised by her grandfather, Frederick, ever since. He is the butler of the Lhant household, which is why she is good friends with Asbel and Hubert.

♥ Cheria is the main chef in the party and appears to like to collect food ingredients.

♥ Cheria utilizes knives and lightning/light magic alongside her healing artes.

♥ It is obvious that Cheria has a pretty big crush on Asbel from about 15 minutes into the game.

♥ Both Barry and Raymond appear to have crushes on her.

♥ Cheria adores the concepts of love, romance and a princess being swept away by a knight.

♥ Though she looks incredibly girlish, she isn't the type to lay down and die.

♥ Cheria's favorite food is a grilled chicken bowl.

♥ Her Japanese voice actress is Shiho Kawaragi.

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