Arte List

The characters in Tales of Graces utilize two main different types of artes. Cheria has attack artes, as well as burst artes. Needless to say her more physical attacks are included in the attack artes, while magic and healing are the burst artes. This page has been broken down into both types of artes, as...

Title List

In order to get things like attacks, status increases, CC, etcetera, Tales of Graces uses a title system. Each character gets different titles from various places such as progressing in the story and performing certain actions in battle. Not only does the character gain things permanently... (WORK IN PROGRESS)

Sub Events

There are a variety of events you are able to do and see in the game besides for the main storyline. Unfortunately, these can be easy to miss if you are not aware where they are. If you are running around and see a glowing yellow star, you've found yourself a sub event! Just examine it and the event will...


Like most newer Tales of games, Tales of Graces has a variety of costumes for each character. Majority of these costumes are download content (from either the Playstation Network or the Wii store depending on your version), unfortunately. Not sure how to have a character wear a different...

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